Suttatti Group of Companies is a privately owned family business. The founders of the group, Mr. C.G Suttatti and Mr. P.G Suttatti started the first plant in our group in 1964 in Pune, India. From a very humble beginning of 15 employees, shop area of about 5000 sq. feet and an annual turnover of Rs. 25 lakhs, our group presently employs more than 400 people and has an annual turnover Rs. 140 crores. Our group has 7 manufacturing facilities in and around Pune, India and uses about 195000 sq. feet of manufacturing space.

Our group consists of 3 main business entities under the name of Vijay Engineering, Sumax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and Suttatti Enterprises Ltd.

Vijay Engineering was established in 1964 and is one of the market leaders in India for manufacture of Tool Holders for CNC and NC machines.

Sumax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd was established in 1980. In Sumax, we specialize in machining very critical parts for the automotive and machine tool industry.

Suttatti Enterprises Ltd. was established in 1996. Suttatti specializes in the manufacture of precision sheet metal parts, sheet metal assemblies, Precision parts for the Automotive Turbochargers and Electro Forged Steel Gratings.

Suttatti Group of Companies are engaged in the manufacture of the following products.

  1. Tool Holders for NC and CNC machines.
  2. Precision machined parts for the automotive and Machine Tool Industry. Specialization in machining of Turbocharger castings, Hydraulic Pump parts, Steel Forged Transmission parts for the automotive industry and various precision parts for the Machine Tool Industry.
  3. Precision Sheet Metal parts for the Automotive, Electrical, Electronic, Architectural, Medical and Machine Tool Industries.
  4. Sheet Metal Enclosures for Generator and Compressor OEMs.
  5. Precision fabricated and machined assemblies for the Medical Industry.
  6. Sheet Metal parts for high end video processing equipment.
  7. Electro Forged Steel Gratings. Electro Forged Steel Gratings are used as walkways, working platforms, Stair Treads, Flooring, Steel Flooring, Drain Covers and Trench Gratings in various industries like Power Plants, Steel Plants, Offshore Platforms, Chemical Plants, Coal Mines, Railways, Oil Refineries, Cement Plants, Port Trusts, Fertilizer plants and Sugar plants to name a few.